EcoTechnoPark SkyWay is a center for the practical implementation of SkyWay innovative technologies, their international expertise and certification. Here we show SkyWay technology to the world. The finished rolling stock is repeatedly tested in EcoTechnoPark on the SkyWay track structure. After confirmation of compliance with all technical standards, the product is certified by state authorities. EcoTechnoPark is a kind of SkyWay technology sales salon. Here they are improved and new products are demonstrated to our customers.

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The construction of EcoTechnoPark began in August 2015! All formalities, tenders for the allocation of a land plot were completed and permits were obtained to begin construction in Maryina Gorka (Belarus).

At an empty tank training ground, clearing of the area under the pit of the anchor support and string fence began. 

In an incredibly short time and resources, a whole new industry is being created with a complex set of systems and subsystems, which, in addition to rolling stock, includes many components, each of which is unique: a prestressed overpass, stations, stations and second-level depots, security systems, intelligent control with technical vision of traffic flows and the complex as a whole, energy supply and communication systems and many other components.

Over 4 years, the desert overgrown with weeds has turned into a blooming garden, over which unibuses, unicars, unibikes float like white swans against a blue sky ... The apple trees planted by partners at EcoTechnoPark are already pleased with the fruits, confirming the ecological compatibility of SkyWay transport with nature.





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