What does SkyWay shareholder acquire?

If in 1976 you would buy Apple shares for $ 8 and become a co-owner of the company, today these shares would cost $ 550 million! If in 1998 Google bought shares of $ 10, today they would have cost over a million!
SkyWay for a much shorter period of time, can give a capitalization much more than in the examples mentioned! We have a billion-dollar market for the construction of transport infrastructure around the world, which is in dire need of innovation!
The SkyWay group of companies owns the exclusive right to string transport technology. According to independent experts, its cost is $ 400 billion, which is included in the authorized capital of the company. You acquire these shares and become Co-Owners of Technology. The root company participates in all targeted projects that use SkyWay technology. This means that you, your children and grandchildren are provided with lifetime dividends not only from the profits of the company itself, but from every kilometer of roads built around the world!
The project is implemented through UK law, where all property rights are protected.
You get shares at a huge discount on their face value. As the EcoTechnoPark is being built and stages of development are under way, the value of the shares of partners increases, and the discount on the purchase of shares decreases until it reaches the nominal value of 1 share = $ 1, and after the IPO they continue to grow. Already upon entering an IPO, you will repeatedly increase your capital and you can sell your shares (or part of them).
The company does not issue additional unsecured, “empty” shares, but carries out a transfer (transfer) of shares already issued and paid for by the founders of the company.
Investments in SkyWay are intended for the creation of design and technical documentation, construction of demonstration sections of roads in EcoTechnoPark with all the infrastructure and subsequent certification.
Due to the low threshold of initial investments, we are open to cooperation with an unlimited number of people, and this increases the flow of investment in the project. People want to independently influence their future and are ready to do it. When the end user invests in the development of a product, this proves its relevance and necessity in the market. Crowdfunding is a tool to popularize SkyWay. Advancement of the idea of ​​a new environmentally friendly transport to the masses opens up an additional flow of investments and at the same time creates demand in the market.
We do not spend an advertising budget on expensive ways to attract investors that may not work. Instead, we use an affiliate program that guarantees the payment of bonuses to partners only upon new investments. So the money spent is guaranteed to bring results, and we can use the investment received to develop the project. Thanks to the investments attracted through the partnership program, in just a few years, we were able to develop and produce 11 models of rolling stock, build five types of tracks in EcoTechnoPark in Belarus and begin construction of the SkyWay innovation center in the United Arab Emirates.
In order to attract investment and speedy launch of the SkyWay innovative transport system to the world market, the investment company Sky Way Community was created. The larger the purchase of shares, the greater the discount. Today given the opportunity to purchase shares in installments!
The construction of EcoTechnopark and the implementation of SkyWay technology is divided into 15 stages. Now the 14th stage is being implemented. With each step, the risks for investors are reduced and the company's shares become more expensive.
The status of the investor is confirmed by entering into the General Register of Shareholders of the company and receiving a serial certificate of shares - paper and electronic versions.
Share packages, see the official website of Sky World Community. Register on the official website of the company, open the Investments section in your account, click on the selected package and follow the instructions.
By contributing to SkyWay technology, you can save the planet’s ecology for yourself and for future generations!
The company’s technical support works round the clock, where you can ask any question, and I’m always at your service - Inara Vaivode +371 26002227, Skype: luchara9,